Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Riverside BBQ

On Sunday 12th of July we have a BBQ at university riverside.Me and Kak Mardhiyah come at the riverside first.And then all my family come.Afifah celebrated her 6th birthday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fruit Picking at Mumbles, Swansea 4th July 2009

Yesterday we went to Fruit Picking and we are the last one to get there. We have to take a basket. Then we go to the farm for Fruit Picking. Firstly, I took blackcurrants and then gooseberries and then we go straight to the field. We saw strawberry plants on the ground. And then we saw a vegetables. And then you go down. Then we can see lots of strawberry plants at the end of the road. After Fruit Picking session we have a big lunch with 7 family. After that we go home,but first we go shopping and pray.

Pembrey Park BBQ 13 June 2009

On the last Saturday, I went to Pembrey Park with my family and WargaLampeter. We arrived there at 12.30 noon. After we found the place, we started our BBQ programme. All men done the job, but as for me and my friends we started to play.

We went to playground there and played with various types of fun activities. After eating and solat we went to the beach. The beach is very beautiful with white sand. I saw a dead jellyfish there and a dead baby shark.

I have enjoyed my visit to Pembrey Park.